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Expansion of QBIT alliances

QBIT clients

We are extremely pleased to announce the expansion of our QBIT list of alliances to include the CRS Technologies ecosystem.

CRS Technologies is the South African distributor of Engage, a comprehensive end-to-end HR and payroll management suite that can be tailored to specific business requirements and implemented in a modular or phased approach.

QBIT is always keen to partner with companies that endeavour to provide a full end-to-end solution but remain flexible in delivering real value to customers. CRS’s modular approach and flexible integration options makes Engage an ideal next-generation cloud solution with which to partner.

The duality between QBIT and CRS Technologies is best conveyed through an infinity loop that integrates the organisational collective with the individual employee.

Crs Ab 1

This graphic is provided as a separate attachment to this letter.

On one side of the loop is QBIT which, through its organisation and job architecture – The Collective – assists companies in determining the most effective way to execute their business strategy through people. QBIT achieves this by deploying solutions that radically transform the way in which organisations set people strategy, manage people practices and processes, and implement and optimise human capital technologies enabled by data.

On the other side of the infinity loop is CRS, which manages the entire employee lifecycle – The Individual – through the implementation of its Engage suite of modular software. Leveraging the best benefits cloud computing has to offer, whether SaaS (Software as a Service), hybrid or on-premise, Engage encompasses all aspects of the HR and payroll function and can be tailored to suit the specific needs of any business.

In other words, QBIT’s solutions assist in laying a data foundation to bring even more integrated value to our customers, using the Engage suite.

Together QBIT and CRS provide a holistic, fully integrated solution that enables organisations to ensure a perfect fit between their business strategy and the employees who implement it.

Feel free to contact our Sales Team at :

Should you require additional information on this exciting new alliance.

The QBIT management team

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