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Our products include:

  • eAssessment Aggregator Platform
  • SimplyMustard
  • eJobDesign
  • eGrading
  • Generic Job Database
  • Job Output Library
  • Behavioural and Technical Competency Libraries
  • In-basket Assessments

Please contact us if you would like a demonstration of any of our products.

eAssessment Aggregator Platform

QBIT has developed a next generation, cloud-based assessment aggregator that enables organisations to book and administer candidates on various assessment instruments via a single automated, integrated platform.

QBIT’s eAssessment Aggregator Platform enables the end-to-end administration of assessments. This includes booking candidates, the automated production of integrated assessment reports, and using data supplied by accredited assessment houses that are specific to our clients’ assessment practices. We also post data to HR transactional systems, and provide value-adding analytics to our clients.

The platform provides:

  • a virtual assessment centre with professional assessment governance
  • a user-friendly portal to access assessment results
  • affordable, end-to-end operational administration of assessments
  • fast turn-around from the time of booking to the production of an integrated report per candidate for recruitment and developmental purposes, based on job profiles
  • secure assessment data management
  • robust system configuration, user set-up and access control
  • the use of client-specific Differentiated Competency Assessment Model (DCAM) which is linked to the client’s competency model or linked to a competency model provided by QBIT
  • value-adding analytics and reporting for clients

SimplyMustard is a smart virtual assessment centre that is very easy to use

Making good decisions about who to recruit, and what development people need not only requires quick access to reliable data and reports – it requires expertise. Helping you separate the very best from all the rest – with the click of a button – is what SimplyMustard does for you.

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Generic Job Database

The Generic Job Database (GJD) with pre-populated content currently contains 21 job families, and 909 generic job profiles with generic outputs which are linked to both behavioural and technical competencies.

QBIT offers GJD, taking into account the Job Families at a Level of Work, and all this content is housed in our eJobDesign product.

Job Output Library

The Job Output Library consists of a selection of generic outputs associated with generic jobs at Levels of Work and in Job Families. Our output libraries are aligned to SIPP® principles and host over 3000 job outputs.

Behavioural and Technical Competency Libraries

A competency framework provides organisations with a common language to describe the people capability requirements in terms of knowledge, skills and attributes.

Typically, the competency framework is supported through a well-defined competency library including the following types: behavioural, technical, and minimum professional and compliance requirements. Behavioural competencies describe the capabilities that are shared across the entire organisation. Behavioural competencies help define an individual’s behavioural strengths that could predict future successes in the workplace. Technical competencies focus on the core outputs inherent to the role and are more focused at the job family level. It is knowledge and/or skills based. Minimum requirements refer to competency requirements associated with minimum qualification, professional registration and specified experience requirements, whilst compliance competencies address specific development and compliance certification. The QBIT behavioural library boasts best practice behavioural research, and it is linked to assessment practice. The technical library stretches over more than 25 people capability areas and is aligned to promote learning and development architecture frameworks. The professional and compliance requirements library can be customised to the client environment.

In-basket Assessments

QBIT’s In-basket Assessments are a comprehensive battery of simulation assessments which can be applied to various occupational categories, and are aligned to SIPP® and levels of accountability criteria.

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