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Category: News

Reframing behaviour to make change happen

Commentary on an article by J. Schwartz, P. Gaito, Dan Lovallo and D. Lennick entitled “The way we (used to) do things around here” published in the strategy and business magazine by Booz & Co.…

May 31, 2018

People Management: Art or Science?

Considering the definition of the word “Art” one is confronted with several meanings describing human activities varying from decorative to performance art and from the written word all the way to construction.  What seemed interesting…

May 6, 2014

QBIT Wins Top Award at Global HR Summit

In December 2009, Otto Pretorius, Principal Thought Leader and Director of QBIT, was presented with the top award for QBIT’s achievements as presented in his paper at one of the largest HR Summits in the…

May 31, 2009