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A new methodology for transformation in people management

Human Capital practitioners are often accused of not playing the strategic role they should; failing to meaningfully contribute to the strategic and operational decision-making which impacts daily business operations and strategy. Human Capital practitioners themselves often complain that they are…

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Modern Human Capital and Technology

Numerous studies have proven that investment in Human Capital shows significant return over an extended period, often exceeding five years.  Chief Executive Officers in the top 500 global businesses are beginning to agree that the key differentiator and largest contributor…

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The Business Architecture Model

To be truly effective and contribute as a business partner it is important for Human Capital to understand the layers that exist in any organisation and the inter dependencies. The Business Architecture Model BAM®, as depicted in the diagram below,…

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A Slippery Slope to HC Emasculation

“If you don’t check what you caught, how do you know you’re using the right fishing tackle?” Otto Pretorius, Director Consulting: QBIT looks at how self-serving technology has led to HC losing the plot. The HC Director is in a…

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