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A new methodology for transformation in people management

Human Capital practitioners are often accused of not playing the strategic role they should; failing to meaningfully contribute to the strategic and operational decision-making which impacts daily business operations and strategy. Human Capital practitioners themselves often complain that they are not given their right place at the ‘executive table.’

The need to play a different role regarding the most expensive, and what is fast becoming the scarcest, resource of business is a given, but the ability of Human Capital professionals to succeed at this is all too often questioned by business and other professionals alike.

So what can Human Capital practitioners do? Through specially designed and developed standards, tools and concepts such as Work to the Power of People (W), the Data Centric Model (DCM®), Standard Integrated People Practices (SIPP®), the Business Alignment Model (BAM®), and the 5 Strategic Levers, QBIT offers Human Capital practitioners the opportunity to contribute in a meaningful but different way.

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