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CRS Technologies welcomes QBIT to its partner ecosystem

CRS Technologies, a leader in integrated and efficient HR and Payroll solutions and services in the South African market, has forged an alliance with QBIT, bringing this dynamic solution house into the CRS Technologies ecosystem.

Established in 2003, QBIT is a niche solution house that really understands how the work performed in a company should give life to strategy – how each part of a business plays a critical role in its long-term success.

The collaboration between QBIT and CRS brings to the market an integration of the organisational collective and the individual employee through organisation and work architecture and the employee lifecycle.

“QBIT’s organisation and work architecture – which we refer to as the collective – provides companies with the toolkit they need to determine the most effective way of executing business strategy through people,” Ian McAlister, General Manager at CRS, explains. “QBIT achieves this by deploying solutions that radically transform the way in which organisations set people strategy, manage people practices and processes, and implement and optimise human capital technologies.”

CRS complements QBIT’s capabilities with solutions and services that manage the entire employee lifecycle, referred to as the individual.

“Our Engage suite of modular software leverages the benefits of cloud computing, HR and payroll to create a customised platform that supports any organisation’s unique requirements,” says McAlister. “In combination with the collective, our expertise forms an infinity loop of organisation, culture, people and potential. The combination of QBIT and CRS results in a holistic and fully integrated solution that allows for any organisation to find the perfect fit between business strategy and employee value.”

In collaboration with CRS, QBIT’s solutions allow for richer and more engaging management of the entire employee lifecycle using proven methodologies that enhance and empower the business and its people.

“QBIT looks forward to our collaboration with CRS and their ecosystem, and the contribution we can make by providing clients with our flexible and intuitive job architecture platform,” says QBIT director Otto Pretorius. “We balance the need for agility versus structure, acquired versus required skills, while perfectly aligning the above to the client’s strategy. The latter then becomes ultimately evident in all their organisation, work and people data, contributing to more optimal and timeous decision-making about the workforce of the now and the future.”

“QBIT is a powerful addition to the CRS ecosystem,” concludes McAlister. “Together, we provide companies with holistic and fully integrated solutions that help them to marry business strategy with employee capability.”


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