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QBIT Wins Top Award at Global HR Summit

In December 2009, Otto Pretorius, Principal Thought Leader of QBIT, was presented with the top award for QBIT’s achievements as presented in his paper at one of the largest HR Summits in the World – Bangalore India. Otto, presented a paper titled “Innovation in HR Management” which covered the QBIT areas of expertise in quality and integrated people practice management. Otto used QBIT client case studies to illustrate how this is achieved practically and successfully.

The award was presented to Otto during this landmark HR Summit Event in Bangalore, in recognition of the value he brought to the conference by sharing some of QBIT’s success.

Otto elaborated on the Data Centric Model (DCM®) which aims to deliver high quality people management information – the kind that enhances a board’s decision-making and results in improved business performance. He also emphasised QBIT’s participation in the research and development of a Standard Integrated People Practices (SIPP®) framework that govern the management of human capital at all levels within an organisation in setting Best Practice Standards. A global first!

QBIT has numerous client success stories to draw on and more and more South African as well as international clients are now calling on QBIT to assist them in achieving the same best people practice benchmarking.

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